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Niskayuna located within Schenectady County, New York.

At the 2000 census, the town's population was 20,295. Niskayuna is located on the southeast section of Schenectady county, and east of the city of Schenectady.

The towns name originated from the term "Nis-ti-go-wo-ne" or "Co-nis-tig-i-one." This phrase translates to the meaning of the words “Extensive Corn Flats.”

Niskayuna began with a population of 681 when the town was formed back on March 7, 1809.  In order to evade the excessive demand of the New Netherlands trading government, an independent group of Hollanders moved to Niskayuna because it was outside of the manor line.

The town was settled around the same time as the neighboring area of Schenectady.

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