Barbara Wagner

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Clifton Park

1754 Rt. 9, Parkwood Plaza

Clifton Park, NY12065

Direct: 518-640-4246 Cell: 518-466-7127
Fax: 518-207-0333
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What is my home worth in today's market?

In this ever-changing economy, where home prices seemed to take a dive only a few years back and are now on the rebound, many people are very concerned about the value of their own home..   "What is my home worth now?" is a common question I get from Sellers because they know we had a down-turn in prices and now things are starting to improve.  Home prices are slowly creeping up, and ...

Why you want to live in the Village of Scotia NY

The Village of Scotia offers a wide variety of activities and amenities, as well as shops throughout the village to suit anybody's needs!  This is a picture-perfect small-town American village that is a safe and happy place to call home!Minutes from Proctors Theatre and the Schenectady Community College, Scotia is an easy commute to almost everywhere.  It is home to the Glen Sanders Mansion, ...

Why Coldwell Banker should ALWAYS be on your list of Real Estate Companies to interview!

This quick four-minute video will amaze you to see how Coldwell Banker's keen understanding of technology and marketing strategies has propelled it to being a leader in the real estate community, selling houses much faster, for more money and with less inconvenience.  These are just some of the reasons why I joined Coldwell Banker Prime Properties!  Watch:
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A summer project for a capital district investor or handyman!

I do property rehab projects myself. Therefore, as a capital district investor, I know all about location.  I am a licensed real estate salesperson, so I am versed in re-sale value as it pertains to location, school district, affecting days on the market and desirability.  Galway is a prime location!If you are going to swing a hammer or manage a team of contractors, what better place to spend ...

Understanding the Other Side - Put Yourself in Their Shoes for Successful Negotiations!

It's probably one of the most difficult aspects for many real estate agents - Negotiations!! Every good Agent wants exactly what their buyer or seller wants, but as we all know, deals are made with give and take on both sides.  Understanding what the other side wants and needs, and helping the other side understand your client's wants and needs is key to a successful negotiation.How do you find ...

The Coldwell Banker Advantage - Why I joined Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

As a real estate agent, I have a lot of choices.  It's one of the things that attracted me to this line of work in the first place.  I have never liked being told what to do, when to be someplace and when I can leave or take a vacation.  I wanted to have the freedom to do what I want when I want, on my time and to meet my own schedule.I had a lot of real estate companies to choose from. ...
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