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Hello, I am Gary Kiddney, welcome to my website Team Red Shoes of Coldwell Banker Prime Properties. This website is designed to aid you and help you find the property you are seeking and why I am the perfect Licensed Real Estate Agent for you. Allow me to SELL YOUR HOME! My website should aid you as to why I AM YOUR LISTING AGENT. Please take time to read through the site, blogs and videos. 

Search any property that is For Sale on the market. I can assist and give you the most up-to-date information. Questions? Email me at your convenience and I will get back to you quickly.

Team Red Shoes of Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

What makes me a great listing agent?

I have the tools and support of COLDWELL BANKER PRIME PROPERTIES! We have a technological advantage over many other brokers. Though many will say they do the same, no one does it the way we do!  Here are some examples:

"Every real estate company has a website, What makes yours so different?"

In reality, people now use the internet to find homes for sale, more than any other means. In fact 96% of all buyers begin their home search on the internet, and believe it or not, they are not all loyal to any one website. If we cannot find something we are looking for what do we do, we "Google it!" Well that's exactly how many buyers look for the home I list. The difference at TEAMREDSHOES.COM is significant.

For example:

One of the more distinctive elements of my site is that I can upload 50 high resolution photos of your home. The reason this is so important is that GOOGLE identifies that there is more than one website with duplicate information, such as your listing being syndicated to other real estate websites. GOOGLE ranks the websites higher that provide a "Superior Consumer Experience". The photos I take of your home are high resolution and I have more of them while other sites have less and "low resolution". High resolution photos, combined with video, blogging and unlimited descriptive remarks enhance the consumers experience and captures the attention of GOOGLE, ranking your home higher in the search. Though I cannot promise you the top in search results, your home will be as near to the top as possible. This is only one aspect of our technology offered to you when you list your home with TEAMREDSHOES.COM

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June 17, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Catherine Dubois, and I enthusiastically would like to write a letter of recommendation for our previous realtor and stager, Gary Kiddney. Gary did a remarkable job increasing the value of our home for sale, and he was a pleasure to work with because of his hard work, skill, and determination.

Gary went above and beyond what any of our previous realtors had done in preparing our house for sale. Previous realtors focused on what furniture and decorations needed to be taken away from our home to create more of a blank canvas, but Gary took a different direction, taking our home and making it beautiful. Gary focused on how to use what we had in the best way possible, and he brought in beautiful furniture and accessories that accentuated our home in ways we never could have visualized. His skills as a stager rose far beyond my family’s expectations, and I was extremely impressed by the transformation that unfolded.

Firstly, Gary rearranged our furniture in our home to best utilize empty space, as well as to open up space where there was clutter. Whole rooms were transformed, and with the addition of one of the couches that Gary brought in to the house, one of the rooms that was largely unused became a vibrant family room. Gary also modernized our kitchen with a beautiful color scheme, and extended this color scheme throughout the house for a more modern, updated feel. Gary was instrumental in recommending that we dispose of the carpeted floors in our living room and hallway to reveal beautiful wood floors, instantly enhancing the look and feel of our home. Overall, Gary made our home more beautiful than it has ever been, and I was impressed by Gary’s vision in enacting this change. Gary dramatically increased the value of our home to potential buyers, and client/realtor showing feedback surveys indicated that the satisfaction level rose from a two out of five to a five out of five.

I would heartily recommend Gary Kiddney, both as a stager and as a realtor. His efforts to sell our home extended beyond making it beautiful, he showed ongoing efforts to find potential buyers and arrange for them to personally view our home. Gary showed active involvement, dedication, and knowledge of how to utilize what we had in the best way possible. For these reasons I genuinely recommend Gary in his future endeavors.


Catherine DuBois

Background & Home Staging

With close to 30 years of Real Estate Investment, buying and selling, I offer expertise in Marketing your home for sale to all of the right people. With the new technologies offered in today's market, I take advantage of as many as I can - promoting your home to buyers around the nation.

One large perk you get with TEAMREDSHOES.COM is my expertise from my Home Staging business. You see, I am an ASP (Accredited Staging Professional). I go to peoples homes and help them to look through the eyes of a buyer. We may have to change paint, move out furniture or just tidy up. Kind of a mini-makeover if you will. This service is provided to you, my listing clients free of charge! You will receive all of my expertise on Home Staging and we will sell your home QUICKLY and for TOP DOLLAR!

Putting years of experience and honesty to work, TEAMREDSHOES.COM will be there to help YOU, make what may be the largest sale of your lives by selling your  homestead of memories.

It is the duty of TEAMREDSHOES.COM to show you there are folks who are here for you. Just remember, your Team Red Shoes of Coldwell Banker Prime Properties Salesperson lead by me Gary Kiddney.  I look forward to meeting with YOU!

Specialties - FREE Home Staging Services

As an ASP (Accredited Staging Professional) I can assist with colors, room arrangement and many other aspects both inside and outside of your home to sell your home faster! Call me today and receive this service for FREE when listing your home with TEAMREDSHOES.COM .


  • Accredited Staging Professional
  • Realtor
  • Women's Council of Realtors
  • Equal Housing Opportunity

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