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Kids rooms storage ideas

Taking Advantage of Corners
 Josh Gonzalez

When it comes to finding an extra bit of storage space in a kids’ room for two or more, look to your corners. Corner shelving units (about $80) take advantage of that valuable nook so you can stuff more stuff in its proper place. Look for shelving brands that include corner units as part of their line so all the shelving fits together.

Mirror Images Say, ‘This Side’s Mine!’
Josh Gonzalez, space management

When two kids share the same room, equity brings harmony (or helps, anyway). This big closet is set up with duplicate shelving configurations so that each child has an identical storage solution behind their own closet door.


Keeping Homework at Bay
Josh Gonzalez, space management

Bump-outs and other kinds of alcoves are perfect for window seat storage and desks. This side-by-side desk set fits neatly into the curved opening of a bay window. There’s lots of room to do homework and projects, but the desks are out of the way. Using stock desk drawer units and a painted, plywood top, a DIYer can build this set-up for $300-$400.


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