The buyer agent: why you need one

WHY I need a Buyer's Agent??

Sure you find a lot of houses online, on the weekend Open House, or by driving around the neighborhood to look for For Sale By Owner Sign.... You can do all the work yourself, and in the end, you will likely save yourself a whole lots of Nothing. What?? Not save money by doing work for myself instead of hiring someone else to do it for me? WHY?

1. Because it is free-- The Buyers Agent works for you, the buyer. And yet, the Buyers Agent is almost always paid by the seller at closing. Why would you pass up a service that is free- the sellers pay for the buyer's agent commission in almost all transaction, even though the Buyers Agent represented only the Buyers!

2. Because you can have peace of mind by knowing who represent you-- If you don't have a Buyers Agents, the agent you talk to may not be obligated to keep your information confidential or help you get the best deal.

3. Because you will get your deal done right-- Here is what the service you will get: 

Listing found for you and sent to you- of the types of house you like, in the area you want to live in.

Custom tours-  Planned by the Buyer's Agent

Someone to explain the whole process to you from making an offer to get the deal closed

Someone to help you understand what you must do to protect yourself in a real estate transaction

Someone to buffer you from who is not obligated to look out for your best interest

A highly qualified negotiator to get you best term for the house you want.

Juchien Tso

Juchien Tso

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