2200 Homes in Oneida, Onondaga, Madison and Oswego counties sold last winter! This winter More will Sell.


Well Here it is already heading into Mid November !

Can You believe it!

There are things they call Urban Legends. These are what you hear people on the street and in cafes, bars, say sort of rumors. Like that homes don’t sell in the winter and Holidays. Well that’s an Urban Legend. Because homes do sell in the Winter. Last week I did some research. And just like the year before in the four counties of Onondaga, Oneida, Oswego and Madison. In those 4 counties From last November to Last February 2200 Homes SOLD! Wow 2200 homes two thousand two hundred! Sold Last winter.

There is hope! More will sell this winter.  I will explain more next week as to Why.

More importantly let’s make yours one of them. Here’s how.

Price it to sell. The reason over half of the homes listed every year do not sell. They have not met the market. Like with the stock market there is a price each home will sell for. It’s called Market Value. Market Value. The stock market prints it on the ticker tape. With Homes there is no ticker tape, but market value exists.

If there has been a serious lack of interest in your home by buyers this is a signal from the market. My job is to decipher this to you.

My Job is to get you the most amount of Money a Buyer will pay for your Home. I can decipher what the market is saying to you about the price of your home. However I cannot change the market. The buyers and the other sellers set the market. More so the buyers.

The signal the market is sending you. Troubleshooting.

1.       No Showings.                                The signal the market is sending. The price is way too high.

2.       A few showings.                           The signal is that the price is 5-10% to high.

3.       OFFERS                                           The Market Value of the home has appeared. Negotiate up as much as you can without losing the sale. Turning down good offers often results in less later.

If IBM shares of stock are selling for 458. And you call your stock broker and say sell all of my IBM shares for 600. No one will buy them. The same with homes.

This may be really bad news but this is how it works. If you have not had any offers in the last 30 days I strongly recommend a price amendment.

If we just started with your home and have not had it listed for 30-45 days yet. Disregard this letter and consider it a real estate 101 lesson.

Again I am on your side and we have the same goal. To get you on to the next place and unfreeze your assets. To sell your home for as much as a buyer will pay.

Below is an interesting tad bit about the two most expensive homes in America are listed right next to yours here at Coldwell Banker.

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