Why Winter Is A Great Time To List Your Home

Most people believe that Spring and Summer are the best seasons to sell a home but I am going to tell you why Winter is actually the best!

1.) There are not as many homes on the market. Why? Everything thinks they need to wait until Spring or Summer! This gives you the advantage because your home is now on the front line rather than being mixed in with hundreds of other homes.

2.) The buyers need to move, they are not "just looking". No one wants? to move in the snow/cold. They have to due to work, family change, etc.

3.) Buyers have the benefit of seeing first hand that items like the furnace/heating system are working. They can see if the house has newer windows and how well they keep the heat in the home. These are major areas of concern for buyers and this can give them the peace of mind they are looking for.



If you are interested in listing your home please contact us today for a free listing consulation. See a sold sign by Spring!

The Paula Filkins Team

The Paula Filkins Team

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