50 Shades of Gray: or Why Gray Has Become the New Neutral

While the film "50 Shades of Gray" provided one of the racier cinematic experiences of last year, the color gray usually enjoys a less than inspiring place in people's affections: gray morning, gray mood, battleship gray, etc.

Not usually the color that springs to mind with which to paint a livable and vibrant home.

Until now, that is.

Gray has become the world's trendiest new neutral color, rapidly replacing white as the color of choice for re-decorating the home.  Gray has suddenly become the hottest new color with a plethora of home and lifestyle magazines currently featuring this must-have tone.

This trend is not just visible in the features that are relatively easy to change, such as walls and soft furnishings, but also bathroom and kitchen cabinets that will enjoy a longer life in the home.

The reason for this is that gray is compatible with most of the other colors on the palette and it ranges from the softer grays to darker more charcoal shades: it mixes well with a number of other colors and it also reflects a desire to connect with more natural shades.

In a recent article in The Washington Post, interior designer Lita Dirks commented that:

As we got through the recession, people wanted to ‘open the window’ and make a more efficient cleaner look that went in another color direction. All the softer colors of nature come from the family of gray, so it was an obvious way to go.

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