Let the Buyer Beware! Or 3 Good Reasons to Have a Realtor as Your Buyer Agent

Navigating your way and finding the right direction when looking for your next home can be difficult without a good guide to help you.


For most people - except those of us in the real estate profession - the process of buying a property can be time-consuming, stressful, and confusing. 

Some people choose to tread the path alone, dealing with a number of agents, arranging showings and navigating an unfamiliar path, while also attending to the family, the day job, and life in general.

But there is another way: using a realtor under the Buyer Agency System.

Under this system the real estate agent represents and works for you, the buyer. They work for you as an agent in the buying of your home and they have a duty to represent you. While this doesn't mean that you have to stop seeing properties on your own, it does mean that you can use that agent to take all of the hard work out of the process: booking the showings, talking to other realtors, searching for suitable homes that meet your criteria, negotiating, etc. A Buyer Agent can do all of these things and more.

In addition, the Buyer Agent can:

  • Negotiate to ensure that you get the right price for the property that you want to buy; and
  • Structure the transaction to your advantage.

So here's 3 of the most important ways in which a Buyer Agency can work for you in ensuring that your best interests are paramount:

  1. Securing Savings for the Buyer: helping you to negotiate to ensure that you achieve the right price and with the terms and conditions that are not disadvantageous to you.
  2. Ensuring that you are Represented: as a Buyer Agent, I will do a full market analysis upon the property that you select, before any offer is made, so that you can be assured that it represents fair market value for the home.
  3. Bringing you the Bigger Picture: as a Buyer Agent, not only can I show you the local MLS listings, but also unlisted properties, such as for-sale-by-owner, foreclosures, and homes not yet on the market.

Talk to me today about how I can help you in your search for a new home with a Buyer Agency.

I have a passion for real estate, whether you are selling your own home, or you are looking for your next one - let me be the one who guides you through the process and takes the strain, so you don't feel the pain.

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Credits: Adapted from the Coldwell Banker Prime Properties "How a Buyer Agency Benefits You" flyer

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