Smart Homes Set to Make It Mainstream - but Can It Sell Your Home Faster in 2016?

Smart technology is starting to make an impact upon real estate in America, both in terms of what buyers expect from a home and with regard to the investment plans of sellers.

A recent survey by Coldwell Banker, which polled more than 4,000 home owners, showed that many more owners are willing to 'smart stage' their homes and also that there is a growing awareness and acceptance of smart technology. Technology for home automation, such as security systems, thermostats, smart plugs, and garage door openers, to name but a few

The survey suggests that smart technology is going mainstream faster than previously thought and that nearly half of American homes (45%) already own smart home technology or are proposing to invest in it during 2016.

Of those home owners not currently owning any smart technology, nearly one in four (27%), mentioned that they proposed to do so during 2016. And 70% of those who already own some form of smart home technology also propose to add more smart technology items to the home as a result.

But can it sell your home faster and is it a good investment for the home owner?

The Coldwell Banker survey suggests that half of home owners, around 54%, said that they would be willing to invest in smart home technology if they thought that the home would sell more quickly.

And of those home owners willing to make the investment, 65% are prepared to invest up to $1,500 and 40% up to $4,000 - the latter was particularly prominent among Millennial home owners (aged 18-34). 

Over the next few weeks, I am going to write more about the growing influence of smart home technology and its impact upon real estate here in America, but it is clear that this is change that is gaining pace and is rapidly becoming a factor that both buyers and sellers may need to start including in their considerations.


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