Spring is in the Air! Should I List Now or Wait?

Spring is almost upon us and it has been a surprisingly mild winter here in the Capital Region. As a result, open houses are already beginning to see an increase in buyers wanting to view the available inventory of properties and inquiries are beginning to rise.

Many sellers delay the decision to list on the premise that the Spring is the best time to do so, because that is when the most buyers appear, encouraged by the warmer weather - or so the conventional wisdom goes.

Most of the available data supports this idea, but the reality is that it is often not the buyers that disappear during the winter, but the sellers. Zillow, Trulia, and the other online property platforms don't close down during the winter months and the motivated buyer will be regularly looking for their ideal property with their iPad perched upon their lap. And nor do we realtors go into hibernation.

While the real estate market is highly seasonal, the reasons that propel a buyer into the property market are not governed by the change from winter to spring.  Whether that is divorce, impending marriage, arrival of a new baby, the need to downsize, or the requirement to relocate - these are year-round life events that don't respect the shifting of the seasons.

Spring is traditionally the time when most homes are listed and so it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that this is when the most homes are sold, because that is when most people expect that they should list properties.

But the reasons why someone becomes a buyer, and the fact that a property search can be conducted from the comfort of a living room sofa, means that now is just as good a time to list.

The mild winter is bringing the buyers out, so waiting a few more weeks will mean that you hit the peak period for the listing of properties. You are then competing against many more properties for the available buyers. Whereas stealing a march on the other sellers and getting listed early, can pay dividends in terms of exposure to the buyers already looking.

Should I list in the Spring? The simple answer is 'yes', but listing now and during the next few weeks can gain an advantage among the available buyers and before the majority of homes are listed.

Remember that the idea of Spring listing is more of a factor for sellers, rather than buyers, so if you want to be the early bird that catches the worm, let me come and talk to you about how I can help you to sell your home today.

Who do you know who needs help in either buying or selling  property today?


I have a passion for real estate, whether you are selling your own home, or you are looking for your next one - let me be the one who guides you through the process and takes the strain, so you don't feel the pain.

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