Back to school got you stressed? Get organized!

Overwhelmed?  Seems like school just got out, and here we are again, scrambling to find permission slips, tripping over backpacks and wondering if we will survive yet another school year.

Here are a few tips that may make back to school a little easier on your homefront.  

1. Label, label, label.

Put your child’s name on the back of everything.  It will alleviate your child coming home with the wrong jacket or worse, WITHOUT it!

2. Notes from Home

Before the school year starts, pre-mark envelopes with your child’s name and grade on it.  Assign each child a color coded label.  You can use them for lunch money envelopes, identifying books, returning field trip permission slip’s, etc.

3. Photocopy Parental Release Forms

How many times are you going to fill out the emergency medical form, you know, the one required by every school. One for every child. It can be very tedious looking up the address and phone number of the doctor, dentist, hospital, family friend to call in an emergency, etc. Do it once, and file photocopy’s on hand for the next year.

4. Magnetic Fridge Calendar

As the kids bring home a note about an event, transfer the information to a Fridge Calendar where everyone in the household can see planned activities and that is easy to write-on/wipe-off.

5. Pre-Pick Daily Clothes

My budding fashion queen and I came to agreement, and now mornings are a breeze.  I bought a 5 compartment sweater hanger for the closet, labeled for each day of the school week.  Every Sunday, we agree on what she will wear for the week, and set the clothes in the appropriate cube.  

6. File System for School Papers

To avoid scrambling and wondering what went where, I have decorative bamboo boxes on a dedicated shelf for each child, in addition to a color coded file.  Papers that need to be reviewed and signed go in the color coded file.  The papers for "later" go in each respective child's bamboo box.  If it's not in the box or the file, then the dog clearly ate it.

Our mornings aren't perfect, but they are certainly a LOT better.

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