Curb Appeal

How important is curb appeal? 

Ever hear the phrase "You only get one chance to make a first impression?"  I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough when it comes to curb appeal.  Curb appeal is the equivalent of the photo you see when going on a blind date.  If he or she isn't sparking your interest, no way are you going on that date!

There is nothing worse than bringing buyers to a home and having them refuse to get out of the car because, frankly, they don't like the exterior of the house.   If the exterior isn't inviting, it doesn't matter WHAT'S on the inside of the house.  Buyers equate the outside of the home to be a preview of the condition of the interior of the home.  Since almost 90 percent of all buyers start their home search on the internet, you truly only have one chance to make a first impression.  So, an inviting exterior = anticipation of the interior of the home!

Don't despair!  It doesn't take a whole lot to give your home a little face lift.    Step back and take a careful inventory of repairs you need to complete before you begin showing your home.  Note any painting, repairs or replacements needed.   Trim overgrown shrubs, pull weeds, get rid of anything that simply doesn't belong outside of your home.  That means putting away rakes, shovels, tarps.  Put away any pails, bags of lawn treatments, gardening tools, etc.   Coil up hoses.  You get the picture.

Wash windows, sweep stairs.  If your home is sided, power washing is critical.  Dirty siding gives the impression of a house that's not clean.  Scrape and paint windows and doors.  If your garage door is compromised, replace it.  A garage door can take up 10 to 15% of a home's exterior.  You want to put your best foot forward.


Add a few brightly colored trash cans outside your home.  Check out for colorful aluminum cans for around $25.00.  LED House Numbers have solar panels, so they glow at night (  A few potted plants bursting with color give a welcome, inviting presence.  Put out a new "welcome" mat.  If you have the time and money, lighting can make a world of difference along sidewalks and landscaping.

You'll be well rewarded for your efforts!

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