Do You Have a Plan For Emergencies?

Well with a few recent experiences myself I thought it is about time I became organized and planned for events that might happen. With the current heavy rains now happening here in the Greater Capital Region are you ready for a flooded basement or even a natural disaster? Some things to consider right up front:1. Make sure you keep your insurance current and know what it covers. Review home owners and auto insurance in particular. 2. Make a record of  your property and contents. Take photos and make files and keep somewhere safe outside the home perhaps safe deposit box.3.Have some money saved and put aside for priorities beyond basic financial needs. 4.Make an Emergency Plan for evacuation if necessary and supplies gathered together for your home and auto.

Let's hope for good times but just in case be ready!


If you do find yourself in one of these situations, contact our free Concierge service to get names of screened vendors!



Sheila Kibler

Director of Concierge and Client Service


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