Getting Back to Basics during the Holidays

Many people are feeling the pinch of tough economic times and are overwhelmed by the idea of spending more money on gifts for friends and family for the holiday season.  Try spending more time and not more money.  Instead of buying high tech expensive games for your kids, try playing a card game with them.  Bake and decorate holiday cookies, build a fire in the fireplace and look at old photos.  Remember days gone by and share a laugh or two.  Get out the guitar, sit around a piano and sing all your favorite Holiday songs.  The truth is we all probably have too much "stuff" already.   Before you run out a buy more stuff, remember that what we don't have is time.   This is the precious gift that you can give to your loved ones.  Share a moment...get back to the basics, relax and enjoy and it won't cost you a an investment worth pursuing!

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