Go Green

Having achieved the National Association of Realtors GREEN designation in 2009 I will be sharing my knowledge and guidance throughout 2010 in my blogs. There are so many ways to go GREEN! Many inexpensive and easy things to do to contribute to a better environment. One of the first things to do is change your light bulbs to CFL's, Compact Flourescent Lamps. They are energy efficient and provide significant cost savings when compared to standard incandescent lamps.

Lighting dimmer controls are another great easy way to save on energy. Dimming lights decrease wattage and allows you to adjust lighting for comfort and mood.

Automatic timers can reduce energy and also provide a safety device.

Motion Detectors and Sensors are a great way to control when lights are needed, they come on when movement is detected and switch off when none is detected.

Start going GREEN today!

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