How to "Shape Up" your home...


Every home has some issues or items that each of us would like to change. Maybe it’s a window that looks less than perfect. Or it may be some flooring that looks less than pleasing to you. Repairing or replacement may not be in your budget right now.

There are solutions to some problems within your reach and your budget. With the right attitude you can make these changes inexpensively and yet still make a world of difference. 

Here's some tips to consider for problem areas.


Windows that are unattractive can be improved with clever window treatments.

Whether it's with an attractive shade, a new curtain color for the room may just do the trick to change the look without spending to much money. Maybe it a new set of blinds that will update your home's look and feel.


Wall Issues:

Maybe your walls aren't the most even...try a paint finish such as faux painting that will lessen the flaw and take the look to a different level. The uneven wall won't disappear but it will draw your eyes away from the flaw and make for a better looking room.

Or just change the color of a room to a more neutral, pleasing color, change some artwork and you will have a whole new look and feel for a small price.


Make sure your carpets have been cleaned thoroughly. If the carpet is plain enough- throw a area rug over the center of the room and work with your furniture around that area rug making it a new and cozier look.


If your tiling is outdated but would be too costly to replace...try updating the rooms color schemes. If it's a bathroom with peach colored tile try updating with a really deep purple for your shower curtain, bath towels etc...Change fixtures to update the look of the older tile. Little items can make a huge difference.

Outdated looking fireplaces:

If the fireplace in your home is dated with older brick-PRIME & PAINT IT! This immediately updates the look of an older fireplace and becomes a modernized focal point in the room. Update mantels, and the pictures that surround the fireplace area. This is an instant and inexpensive way to update a great feature in your home.


Whatever you choose to do...step back and make a plan for these small but crucial changes to allow your home the pride of ownership that makes your house a home!

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