Looking for a new home? Look up / Look down!



When you're searching for a new home you are naturally excited about the prospect. You're looking for space that will be comfortable for you and yours.


You're looking for room sizes and arrangements that will fit with your lifestyle.

If you love to cook, you're looking at counter tops and cupboard space and appliances.

If you have kids or dogs or love to garden or entertain outdoors, you're looking at the yard, the deck, and perhaps a fence. If you have "motorized toys" or cars that like to live indoors, you're looking at the garage space.

You're also looking for a place that will "feel like home."

Those are all good things to see and think about, but don't forget to look up and look down.

There's no point in getting excited about a home and paying for an inspection if your inspector is going to make you change your mind by telling you about things you would have seen if you'd been looking.

So look at the roof. Is it straight, or does it sag? Look at the roofing. Is it in good condition, or is it nearing the end of its life? Look at the facia boards – are they straight and solid, or broken and rotted?

Inside, look at the ceiling. Are there water spots? Do you see large cracks?

Now look down – at the foundation and the sill plate. Small cracks don't mean much, but large cracks in the foundation wall could mean "large trouble." Earth touching wood can also mean trouble, as can rot in the sill plate.

If the house has a basement, look at the floor. Do you see signs of dampness? How about the walls – are there any signs of mold?

Issues like these can be fixed, but they can be expensive. Some sellers know about the problems and have priced their houses accordingly, but some have not. They're hoping no one will notice.

A buyer's agent can recommend a contractor to give you an estimate on the cost of repairs before you commit to a purchase price. Coldwell Banker Prime Properties has the unique feature of a Concierge program which features over 100 vendors who are screened and recommended by our agents to help you with any repairs you might have.

Look all around - but don't forget to look up and look down!


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