As I mentioned in my video blog, a seller's motivation to sell their home is the key ingredient to a successful home sale.

It's hard to know what triggers someone to decide to sell their home.  For example, think about the "empty-nester's" who are told time and again by friends and family that they no longer need such a large home.  Sure, it may make sense for them to sell since so much space is no longer needed and the upkeep of the home becomes difficult.  And yet, if their emotional attachment to the home will preclude them from doing the things they need to do, such as performing deferred maintenance or making easy updates, a sale might just not be possible. 

In my experience, I have seen sellers who truly do not want to sell their home, and yet because they are told that it is the "right thing" to do by friends and family, they go grudgingly through the motions of showing their home.  I have seen clients reject terrific offers so that they can listen to their hearts and watched people sobbing at the closing table at the loss of their home.

Although some say that a house is just a house, comprised of walls and floors, memories can fill up your rooms like so much furniture.  Before you make the decision to put that For Sale sign on your lawn, or to hold that Open House, be sure that you are emotionally and psychologically ready to do so.  A Real estate professional worth their salt will tell you that once you commit your home for sale, you must mentally no longer live in that home.  If you aren't ready for that step, think seriously about your motivation to sell.  If you are truly motivated to sell your home, you will surely achieve success.

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