Protect Yourself....Contractor Scam #2

Here’s the second in our series of protecting yourself from contractor scams.  Again, remember, most contractors are honest, hardworking and honorable people.  It’s the scam artist we must be wary of.

Scam 2: “Take my word for it”

When you first meet with the contractor, he’s very agreeable about doing everything exactly to your specifications and even suggests his own extra touches and upgrades. Some of the details don’t make it into the contract, but you figure it doesn’t matter because you had such a clear verbal understanding. Pretty soon, though, you notice that the extras you’d discussed aren’t being built. When you confront the contractor, he tells you that he didn’t include those features in his price, so you’ll have to live without them or pony up additional money to redo the work.

How to protect yourself: Unfortunately, you have no legal recourse because you signed a contract that didn’t include all the details. Next time, make sure everything you’ve agreed on is written into the project description. Add any items that are missing, put your initials next to each addition, and have the contractor initial it, too—all before you sign.

Check back here for Scam #3 tomorrow.

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