Showing Tips for Sellers:

Here are some easy tips for getting your home ready to show:

1.Lighten up: Leave the lights on and the shades open.  Homes show much better with light!

2. Look at your competition:  Walk through some of the model homes in your area and see what a professionally decorated home looks like.  You may be able to pick up some good ideas to prepare your home for sale.

3. Define the space:  Make sure each space in your home is neat and clean and shows a purpose.  A laundry area shows much better when it is organized.

4. Create curb appeal:  The outside of your home is where a potential buyer will get their first impression.  Be sure to have the landscape free of sticks and leaves, trim the bushes and plant some flowers to show that you care about your home.

5. Power Wash your home:  Dirt can cling to the outside of your home.  Rent or purchase a power washer and give your home a bath before showings begin.  It will really make a difference!


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