The Coldwell Banker Advantage - Why I joined Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

As a real estate agent, I have a lot of choices.  It's one of the things that attracted me to this line of work in the first place.  I have never liked being told what to do, when to be someplace and when I can leave or take a vacation.  I wanted to have the freedom to do what I want when I want, on my time and to meet my own schedule.

I had a lot of real estate companies to choose from.  Interviewing brokers, I met a lot of great people, and each told me how their company was the best and that I would do great if I signed on with them.  I definitely had a lot of food for thought as I made my lists of pros and cons with each company I interviewed with.

Then I interviewed with Coldwell Banker.  There was something different about this experience for me.  First of all, it was the first interview I had where I actually felt like I was being interviewed instead of the other way around.  This came as a surprise because it felt like the other brokers were so anxious to please me and tell me all the right things, and here this person was trying to see what my needs were, where I was in my career, what I was looking for, and would I be a good fit for Coldwell Banker.   It intrigued me,  to say the least.

The second thing that impressed me in my first interview was the technology.  I am a computer geek.  I understand the power of the internet, and I want it.  I want search engine optimization, I want to be at the top of Google, I want to be found, I want my properties found, and I want the ease that technology can bring to my life.  Coldwell Banker blew me away.  They have it DOWN.  The back office, the control over my website, my listings, my contacts and the automation was impressive then.  Now that I'm here, I continue to be amazed.  I could write volumes about the technology of Coldwell Banker, and perhaps I will in a future blog.

The third thing that captured me at Coldwell Banker was the training.  They leave nothing to chance.  If you want to analyze a property for a seller who is considering listing, it is so easy to do in the back office with the amazing tools they offer, and then with a click of a button, the program prints easy to read charts and graphs for the seller to see the surrounding market at a glance and see where their home fits into that market.  It's amazing.  That's just an example of one tool, one small piece of the puzzle.  The level of professionalism and expertise of the agents is reflective of the extensive training offered.

I'm very happy I joined the Coldwell Banker Prime Properties team.  I'm excited to see my career go to the next level as I continue to help buyers and sellers in their real estate experience.  Now I have a complete set of tools at my disposal and a winning team to support me on this journey!

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