Tips for a Productive Home Maintenance Program


 A lot of people do not understand the concept of preventative maintenance and costs related to keeping their home maintained. Big problems start to occur and end up being more expensive than if you had just done the work to begin with when problems started to show up.

You have to understand home maintenance goes with homeownership. When you own a home you are responsible for keeping your home in good condition.

Although it can be costly to maintain a home properly there is a benefit also. When you do go to sell your home you will end up the winner when your home shows clearly your pride of ownership and care and you most likely won't hassle with issues on the home inspection report.

You will need to prioritize projects that need to be done. You will also need to stick to your preventative maintenance program while owning your home through the years to ensure you get all the work completed.

Make sure projects are done annually: roof issues, gutters, and gutter cleaning; sealing cracks; weatherproofing; HVAC inspections and servicing; and inspecting and cleaning the plumbing and drain systems. If you wait to long to start your annual maintenance, you could have trouble finding reliable vendors to get the work done during their busy seasons. Don't wait until your roof leaks to repair or replace it. There will be damage to the inside of the house that will become more costly.

Remember at Coldwell Banker Prime Properties- we have a list of tried and true vendors to help you with your home-related needs. Feel free to contact any of our offices to ask about this service or log unto and see our Concierge section.

The key to good home maintenance is to deal with critical repairs immediately upon awareness of the issue. Make the necessary repairs right away to prevent larger and more expensive costs.

Please also remember the least expensive contractor is not always the best. Always go for quality building materials when making repairs. Use quality craftmanship and quality materials for a long lasting fix to all your home related issues. You will save money in the end if the repairs last longer and you are a satisfied and happy homeowner!

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