Ways to boost your home's energy efficiency


When thinking about ways to improve the efficiency of your home keep in mind the impact window replacement can have on your home's appearance. This should not be taken lightly. Think before you do...and don't allow doing something just to be energy efficient to ruin the look of your home. It's true that switching from single-glazed windows to double-glazed ones will save roughly half the energy lost through the glass. What you should pay attention to is in the average house, windows typically make up a  small fraction of total heat loss. Therefore dollar for dollar, there are far more cost-effective ways to improve your home's energy efficiency.


Upgrade your attic insulation ranks first among them, since typically this area is the single greatest source of heat loss. The current standard for attic insulation is R-30; so if your house has less than this, adding insulation will be far more cost effective than replacing your windows.


The same holds true if your furnace and ductwork date further back than 1980. Modern furnaces are now more efficient usually around 95 percent efficiency. Furnace upgrades address the energy savings and are far more worth your while.


Do you want more bang for your energy buck than try simpler upgrades that will make your house more energy efficient and won't affect the outside look & beauty of your home.


That's our energy savings tip of the week!

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