"What's Your House Sign?"

Buying and selling a home can be such a fun experience.  The prospect of moving to a new home together with the many details - both big and small - that go into a home search can become a tall order to fill. 

Don't you wish someone would come up with a way to make the home buying process fun from day one?  Coldwell Banker did!  Check out the "Housetrology" quiz by clicking the graphic to the right.  This short seven question quiz asks buyers and sellers to select answers that are reflective of their personality in terms of their lifestyle and overall taste.  At the conclusion of the quiz, the system then classifies the person taking the quiz as Victorian, Colonialista, Urbanist, Contemporarian, Ranchero or Ecletic.  

It's a fun and quick quiz that is designed to add some flair and humor to your home search while at the same time giving you a sense of what type of home and lifestyle you wish to secure in your next move.  Don't forget to visit ColdwellBankerPrime.com to see what houses match the results of the Housetrology quiz!  Check it out by clicking the graphic to the right. 

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