Agent Personal Websites

You are provided with your own independent website, built for you, and branded for you, to help promote your business.

Property Websites

A website for each of your properties is created for you. It comes complete with its own unique property based web address (URL) and is designed to showcase the home to buyers.

Marketing Center

You have access to an extensive and easy-to-use marketing and CRM system that will provide you with all the marketing communication and promotional material needed to support your business.

Yard Signs

With industry-leading systems designed to instantly communicate with buyers, and provide them the information they want, your Coldwell Banker Prime Properties yard sign has become one of the most powerful sales tools in the region.

Prime CMA

You have access to an exclusive, custom-made Comparative Market Analysis presentation which is designed from the ground up to showcase all of the services you and Coldwell Banker Prime Properties can provide to your clients.

Trulia Premium Listing Service

A special relationship has been established for you with Trulia. Your properties are given a priority status over your competitors, and you never have to see a competitor's advertisement or your listing's page.

Internet Lead Generation & Management

Technological Innovation & Agent Support

Training & Education