How to sell your home, buy a home or accept offers when you are out of town

Contact me to avoid ­the ­frustration you would experience trying to sell your home­while you are traveling on business or after you have moved for that new job.

You don't want these questions going through your mind: Where's the nearest fax machine­!­­ Did you initial ­and sign every form­! ­­­Will they be able to read the return fax­­ Can you read what you're signing­!­

An easy and reliable solution awaits you right now when you call (518)465-8091.­

Contact me,­ today.­In addition to excellent training ­and cutting edge marketing to get your home sold­I have the ability­ to­ send all those documents conveniently to your iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, other smartphone or laptop for signature and initial.­ Simple, fast and off to your attorney for review.­­My years of experience working with a top notch technology companies provide you with­ easy to understand solutions that work.­ My 20+ years of sales experience provides you with the experience you need to get your home sold.­­


If you are selling or buying a home call or text me, JEFFREY HORN today at (518)465-8091. I will help you through this sales process.

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