Skinny Rules - for getting to THIN Part 1 of 2

Skinny Rules - for getting to THIN        Part 1  of 2

10 of 20  Skinny Rules,  to help you get to Thin!

1) Drink a glass of water - a large one, before every meal

2) Don't waste your calories on unhealthy drinks

3) Eat protein at every meal you eat - stay grouchy and hungry!

4) Cut back or Cut out grains and refined flours

5) Count your fiber grams daily, best to eat 30 to 50

6) Fresh fruit, apples and berries should be eaten daily

7) No carbs after your lunch

8) Know what you are eating - read your food labels

9) Get confident in you amount of protein you are eating - read labels

10) Eliminate added sweeteners, even artificial ones!


Look for items 11 through 20 in my next Blog

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