Maximize Space in Small Closets without Renovating!

If you are not the proud owner of a room-size closet and tend to horde clothing you need to find a way to store them in whatever closet space you do have!

Here are some ideas that might help...

Create  multi-level shoe storage by using tension rods under the hanging clothes by placing 2 tension rods level with each other for flat shoes and staggered heights for heels.

Use extender rods to create 2 rods one above the other to double your space for shirts and folded pants.

Place towel bars on the inside of the closet doors to hang scarfs and bags on...if you have a lot then you can add shower rod hooks to hang them through. 

Use shelf dividers on your shelves so that the folded stacks of clothing do not topple over and become a mess.

You can slip the tab top of a soda can over a wire hanger and then hang another hanger from it to double your storage space or use a chain with an "s" hook on the end to hang over the rod then you can hang multiple hangers down the length of the chain.

Use a tie rack to hang your camisoles and tank tops on.

Anywhere you see a blank space on the wall not covered with clothing attach a hook. You can place jewelry, belts, scarves, bags etc on them!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! I know it has made a difference in my crammed closet space and hopefully in yours as well...