North Central Jersey Ranks 3 Towns in Top 50 Best Places to Live in the United States!

Money MagazineMoney Magazine recently released the Top 50 Best Places to Live inthe United States, which ranked Berkeley Heights, Montville, and Hillsborough among the most preferred small towns to live in! The methodology to make this consisted of the following criteria:

  • Family Income
  • Home prices
  • Schools
  • Jobs/economy
  • Weather
  • Crime
  • Activities
  • Quality of life
  • Cost of living

Once evaluated, the towns were given a score based on the factors listed. We were personally touched to see these three towns listed because as much as we know that these towns are great, the rest of America now knows as well.

#6 Berkeley Heights, NJ

Berkeley Heights is a gorgeous little town in Union County with a population of 13,345 and has been listed in “Money Magazine’s top 50 Best Places to Live” several times in the last decade. Being a close commute to NYC, but also having farmland, being a great balance of rural and urban lifestyles. Berkeley Heights is primarily served by our New Providence Office; for a full list of our properties in Berkeley Heights, click here.

#13 Montville, NJ

Montville is a moderately small town in Morris County with a population of over 21,528; according to the 2010 U.S. census. Being more so north, Montville is about an hour train ride to NYC and also within 40 minutes of Mountain Creek Ski Lodge. Montville is served by our Morris County Regional Sales Center; for a full list of properties in Montville, click here.

#16 Hillsborough, NJ

Hillsborough is a great commuter town in Somerset County with a population of 38,828. It lies within an hour’s range of New York and Philadelphia. It is also well known for its rural farmland, which includes Duke Farm, the 2,700 acre estate of the heiress Doris Duke. Our Hillsborough Office serves Hillsborough Township as well as Somerset and Hunterdon County. For a full list of our Hillsborough properties, click here.

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