Unique Homes For Sale

Unique Homes Currently
on the Market in CNY 



$375,000     This home was built in 1850 in Weedsport. It has Italianate/Queen Anne architecture with Moorish features. It is on the National Register of Historic Places, and it has been showcased in the book, "Erie Canal Legacy: Architectural Treasures of the Empire State."



$624,850      This home was built in 1975 in Manlius. The swooping roof covers the spa room, and the triangle roof is over the garden room/conservatory. 




$499,000     This home was built in 1905 in the Sedgwick area of Syracuse. It currently serves as a bed and breakfast with 6 bedrooms and 6 baths. 


$299,999     This 1140 square foot ranch home was built in 2006 in Manlius on 22 acres of land.



$120,000     This 3015 square foot Victorian home was built in 1890 in the southwest area of Syracuse.


$38,500     This home in the Eastwood area of Syracuse has 280 square feet. It has a total of four rooms with one bedroom and one full bathroom. It is currently being used as a rental property drawing attention from SU graduate students.


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