2017 - Blogging (and perhaps vlogging!) debut

As times goes by, it is being more apparent that technology is shaping how people interact with each other.... whether that be how friends communicate (bye bye landline and having to speak to Jimmy's mom before she tells his name that he has a call...and hello texting at all hours of the day and night) or how strangers reach out to each other - sharing, tweeting, instragraming, liking, etc.  And on that platform, of getting information out, can be key to reaching a new generation when it comes to real estate.  I actually feel so fortunate to be right there, teetering btwn old school and new school.  I got my first cell phone in college, so I still understand the importance of reaching out with a phone call, but I also understand the instant access/click through desire of the younger people (well, everyone seems to be embracing that concept). If they see something they like, they click on it. I am going to incorporate that into my business, by finding ways to give out information about real estate, local events, communutes, the market, mortgages, and content that will help educate and lead them to click through to me so that I may be the one to help them either buy or sell!!  So, this is my first blog and you can expect to see more to come in 2017 and beyond!

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