Bill's Dollars & $ense March Trivia Quiz

“Win A 7 Night Resort Vacation!”

 Congrats to Jenn Rahl-Dray! She was the only contestant to correctly answer all 3 February questions! She receives 3 tickets in the Quarterly Prize Drawing! Don’t you wish you had submitted your answers? With only 7 correct answers thus far, your odds of winning could be huge! Answer today!  Sorry, Realtors not eligible!

February’s Quiz Questions – Correct Answers in Red

What is the world’s longest river?

A – Amazon   B – Nile   C – Tigris   D – Yangtze

Which chess piece can only move diagonally?

A – Bishop   B – Pawn   C – Rook   D – Knight

Who said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”?

A-George Will   B–Harry Truman   C-Karl Marx   D–Mark Twain

(I have to admit, Karl Marx would have been my last guess.)

March’s Quiz Questions

Which country was first to make use of paper money?

A-United States   B-China   C-Japan   D-England

If you were to be a geometric shape, what would you be?

A-Circle   B-Rectangle   C-Square   D-Triangle

What was the famous Walt Disney afraid of?

A-Fire   B-Snakes   C-Mice   D-Heights

      Answer Correctly and You Could Win          

A 7 Night Resort Vacation!

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Deadline for answers is March 31st!

You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Play - Good Luck!

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