Did you see the Trivia Quiz?

“Win A $25 Lunch For Two!”


Congratulations go to February’s Trivia Quiz Winner, Ginny Tramposch of Glens Falls, whose name was drawn at random from all correct answers received (there were not many participants in February) and our proud winner receives a $25 Lunch for Two.

                                February’s Trivia Question

      If an adult’s digestive tract were stretched out, how long would it be?

       a)  5-6 feet    b)  10-12 feet   c)  15-19 feet   d)   20-30 feet  

                    The correct answer was:  d)  20-30 feet

                               March’s Trivia Question

                        What do you do when you “nictate”?

a)      Burp         b)  Sneeze          c)  Fart             d)  Blink          e)  Yawn

           You Could Be My Next Winner - Realtors Not Eligible!

                         No penalty for incorrect answers!

                   Deadline for answers is midnight, March 31st!

                    Email Your Answers to:   MustHaveHomes@gmail.com

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