Dollars & $ense August 2014 Trivia Contest

“Win A $50 Dinner For Two!”

Wanda strikes again!  She won July’s Trivia contest – a $50 Dinner for Two.   Luckily for her, there were few answers submitted – players must be on vacation.  Get your answers in today for the August 2014 Trivia Contest!  

                                    August Trivia Questions

          How long does it take for the Earth to spin once on its axis?
         A:  One hour    B:  One day    C:  One Week    D:  One Year


             In Georgia it's illegal to keep what in your bathtub?
        A:  Donkeys    B:  Alligators    C:  Pythons    D:  Skunks


          In Providence, Rhode Island, on Sunday, it's illegal to buy?
         A:  Alcohol    B:  Beer    C:  Cigarettes    D:  Toothbrush


               Go ahead and guess – No penalty for incorrect answers!

                    Email Your Answers to:

                               You Could Be My Next Winner!

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