Dollars & $ense September Free Trivia contest

“Win A $50 Dinner For Two!”

We had many entries in the August Trivia contest – and lots of correct answers.  When the dust cleared and the ticket was drawn, our winner was Vern Potter of Hudson Falls.  I guess I’ll keep the contests going as long as there’s good response.  Below are August’s Trivia Questions with correct answers in red.                          

                                        August Trivia Questions

          How long does it take for the Earth to spin once on its axis?
         A:  One hour    B:  One day    C:  One Week    D:  One Year

             In Georgia it's illegal to keep what in your bathtub?
        A:  Donkeys    B:  Alligators    C:  Pythons    D:  Skunks

          In Providence, Rhode Island, on Sunday, it's illegal to buy?
         A:  Alcohol    B:  Beer    C:  Cigarettes    D:  Toothbrush

                                    September Trivia Questions

     What is cartoon character Homer Simpson's favorite brand of beer?

    A – Ruff Beer     B – Betts Beer      C – Club Beer     D – Duff Beer

  A car travels a constant 40 MPH; how long will it take to go 100 miles?

      A – 2 Hours                B – 2 ¼ Hours            C – 2 ½ Hours         D – 3 Hours
  With an avg rainfall of 9.5” per year, which is the driest state in the U.S.?

        A – Utah                  B – Arizona       C – Wyoming                     D - Nevada


         Go ahead and guess – No penalty for incorrect answers!  Realtors Ineligible!

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