Dollars & $ense Trivia Contest

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Few correct answers in October.  Our winner was Sherri Allen of Queensbury.  Below are October's Questions with correct answers in red.  All correct answers earn on entry in the free drawing.  No penalty for incorrect answers.  Can not win two consecutive contests.  Good Luck!                         

                                      October Trivia Questions

He took 17 years to get 3,000 hits & said “I did it playing one day of golf"?
A:  Hank Aaron   B:  Ted Williams   C:  Willie Mays   D:  Mickey Mantle

                     Barnaby Jones's usual beverage was what?

       A:  Ice Water   B:  Milk   C:  Root Beer   D:  Moonshine

               By law, each year, every citizen of Kentucky must?

 A:  Pay Taxes   B:  Attend Church   C:  Bathe   D:  Have Car Inspected


                                November Trivia Questions

                 How many books in the Bible’s New Testament?

                              A:  25        B:  26  C:  27  D:  28


                      It is illegal to sleep with your shoes on in:

A:  New Mexico   B:  Tennessee   C:  West Virginia   D:  North Dakota


        Tony Curtis was in which Armed Service in World War II?

              A:  Army   B:  Navy   C:  Air Force   D:  Marines


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