Dollars & $ense Trivia Contest - Win a $50 Dinner for Two!

The deadline for Trivia Quiz answers is midnight, Sunday, August 31st.  Here's a repeat of the quiz questions:

“Win A $50 Dinner For Two!”


                                   August Trivia Questions

          How long does it take for the Earth to spin once on its axis?
         A:  One hour    B:  One day    C:  One Week    D:  One Year


             In Georgia it's illegal to keep what in your bathtub?
        A:  Donkeys    B:  Alligators    C:  Pythons    D:  Skunks


          In Providence, Rhode Island, on Sunday, it's illegal to buy?
         A:  Alcohol    B:  Beer    C:  Cigarettes    D:  Toothbrush


               Go ahead and guess – No penalty for incorrect answers!

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