Free Home Buyer Workshop - 4/24 at 6 PM

                                  First-Time Home Buyer Workshop

                                    Wednesday, April 24th, 6-8 PM

                         The Sleep Inn, Route 9 in Queensbury

                  Don’t Eat Dinner!  Food and Beverages Will Be Served

                 Reservations Suggested - Several Seats Still Available

               To Make reservations, (Recorded Info - 24/7), please call

                      The Home Buyer Workshop Reservation Line


                                     (518) 761-0148

Here's your chance to get your questions answered - the ones you have and ones you haven't even considered yet!  Here are some examples:

Who does your agent really work for?

Is your agent a Buyers' Agent or a Sellers' Agent?

How can you buy with no money down?

What are closing costs; how much do they typically cost; who pays them?

What are seller concessions and how can they help me?

What are the biggest mistakes first-time home byers make?

Should I have a Home Inspection?  If so, why?

How does my credit score affect buying a home?  How high should it be to qualify for a home loan?

Do I have to pay for "loan insurance"?


Attend our Free First-Time Home Buyer Workshop and get your answers!

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