Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy New Year!

This is the year that the real estate makret returns to near normal inventory - but - still with near record low interest rates.  Now is the time to buy while the low interest rates allow you to buy more home for a smaller monthly investment.

It's also a good time to sell as the market shows signs of slight apreciation.  Now is the time more buyers can afford your home.  If interest rates rise, fewer and fewer potential buyers will be able to afford to buy your home and will look for one that is less expensive.

This is the best of all time to sell and move up to a more expensive home!  You have the maximum buyers able to buy your home and you get to move up to a home that has depreciated more over the last 5-6 years - and you get today's low interest rates!  Thus, you can move up for less in today's market than you could have when home values were at their peak back in 2006 or 2007.

Bill Lavery

Bill Lavery

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