Invitation to enter my free monthly trivia contest! Win a $50 Dinner Certificate!

“Win A $50 Dinner For Two!”

Every month, in my Free Dollars & $ense newsletter, I host a trivia contest where you can play for free.  I ask three questions, all multiple choice, and every correct answer earns a "ticket" in my prize bowl.  On the first of each month, we draw the w;inning ticket - and someone gets a $50 Dinner Certificate!  Why not you?

                                              October Trivia Questions

         He took 17 years to get 3,000 hits & said “I did it playing one day of golf"?

         A:  Hank Aaron   B:  Ted Williams   C:  Willie Mays   D:  Mickey Mantle

                                Barnaby Jones's usual beverage was what?

                      A:  Ice Water   B:  Milk   C:  Root Beer   D:  Moonshine


                           By law, each year, every citizen of Kentucky must?

           A:  Pay Taxes   B:  Attend Church   C:  Bathe   D:  Have Car Inspected


                        Go ahead and guess – No penalty for incorrect answers!

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