Quarterly Trivia Quiz to win a Free 7 Night Resort Vacation

Just a Reminder - So far I have a grand total of only 16 correct answers in the April-May-June Quarterly 7 Night Resort Vacation Giveaway Contest.  Someone will win!  Why not you!

Here's the June Trivia Quiz.  Deadline for answers to the June Trivia Quiz is midnight on Sunday, June 30th.  Every timely submitted correct answer earns one chance in the Quarterly Drawing.

June Trivia Questions

Does Canada have a Queen or a President?

A – Queen   B – President   C – Both   D – Neither


What European nation consumes more spicy 

Mexican food?

A – Spain   B – Norway   C – France   D – Portugal


The first name of the fictional sleuth “Magnum” was:

A – Thomas   B – Michael   C – Wesley   D – Morgan


Answer Correctly and Earn Chances To Win          

A 7 Night Resort Vacation!

Deadline for answers is June 30th!

You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Play - Good Luck!

Submit your answers (Sorry, Realtors NOT eligible) by email reply or by calling:  

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