Recovering Nicely!

On Friday, October 21st, I felt chest pain/pressure when I went to bed and they still bothered me on Saturday morning.  After showering and planning to help out at my church in preparation for a Turkey Dinner, I still felt poorly and got sicker.  Cancel my helping with the dinner; stayed in bed almost all weekend; ate almost nothing.  By Monday morning, the pain had localized to my right side, just below my rib cage.

Since I had a routine doctor appt, I told Dr. Garner about my pain and within 6 minutes, he diagnosed me with what he called a "Hot" gall bladder.  He immediately had me call my wife to take me to G.F Hospital where is was admitted, poked and prodded and then given two ultra sound exams, which verified his diagnosis.  On Tuesday morning about 10:30 they removed my gall bladder and I awoke about 1:30Pm with no pain, except for the four tiny incisions - and I was very hungry.

The treatment and care at the hospital was excellent and the room had been recently remodeled, including an nice flat screen TV, similar to a 4-star hotel room minus the jetted tub and spa.  Doctor Dagastino was teriffic.  Although I have been restricted from raking, carrying laundry baskets and sit-ups for a few weeks, I should be back on the basketball court next week.

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