Trivia Contest Winner Announced!

“Look Who Won A 7 Night Resort Vacation!”

Mark Allen and Joan Terry correctly answered all 3 June Trivia questions!  Total tickets in the quarterly prize bowl was just 18!


June Trivia Questions-Correct Answers in Red

Does Canada have a Queen or a President?

A – Queen   B – President   C – Both   D – Neither

What European nation consumes more spicy Mexican food?

A – Spain   B – Norway   C – France   D – Portugal

The first name of the fictional sleuth “Magnum” was:

A – Thomas   B – Michael   C – Wesley   D – Morgan


April-June Quarterly 7 Night Resort Vacation Winner: 

Congratulations - Irma Hamblin of Glens Falls


July Trivia Questions

   In what room is the greatest number of arguments started?
  A – Kitchen   B – Bedroom   C – Bathroom   D – Dining Room


 Two states bill themselves as the "Sunshine State", Florida and:
  A – Arizona   B – South Dakota   C – California   D - Alabama


         What's the least expensive and most popular fruit?
        A – Apple   B – Banana   C – Cherry   D - Orange


Answer Correctly and Earn Chances To Win          

A 7 Night Resort Vacation!

Deadline for answers is July 31st! 

Submit Answers to:

You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Play - Good Luck!

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