Trivia Contest for chances to win 7 Night Resort Vacation!

“Win A 7 Night Resort Vacation!”

      On December 1st, a winner will be drawn from all timely submitted, correct answers.  There are 3 trivia questions each month, thus, you can earn 3 chances each month.  The winner wil receive 7 Nights Free Lodging at any one of many availabilities. 

     Several past winners, and several of my successful clients have enjoyed these free vacations.  Winners are responsible for any other expenses, including transportation and meals.  There is no obligation and no cost to play!

September Trivia Questions

 Jumbo, the famous 6.5 ton elephant, ate how many pounds of hay daily?
               A - 100     B - 150     C - 200     D - 250     E – 300

            In Georgia it's illegal to keep a “what” in your bathtub?
A - Piranha     B - Alligator     C - Donkey     D - Great Dane     E – Snake

    What year was coffee first sold in sealed tin cans in the United States?                       A - 1879     B – 1885     C – 1889     D – 1899     E - 1901

 Answer Correctly and Earn Chances To Win          

                                A 7 Night Resort Vacation!

Submit answers by reply email - or phone me at 518-222-6368

Deadline for answers is September 30th!

You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Play - Good Luck!

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