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     Promises Are A Dime-a-Dozen!  Even with the years of training and a great company, most Realtors don’t know the TWO ways - because most agents only know one way.  I’ll bet that if you asked them to explain the TWO ways to sell your house, you’ll get “blank looks, stuttering, denial or silence”!

    Who’s To Blame?  There has been only one method taught by brokers and trainers for longer than I have been in the business - 25+ years.  Were it not for my continued search for a better way; and luckily stumbling across the teaching of an extremely innovative and successful North Carolina broker, I would only know one way!

    The Price Method Chances are nearly every Realtor you interview plans to use the same old Price Method to sell your home - and you won’t like it!  Does the following sound familiar?

    Pricing Your Home!  Your agent shows you a Market Analysis - compiled from the local Multiple Listing Service - showing several sold homes similar to yours.  What you may not know - but likely suspect - is that the agent can “skew” the results up or down to arrive at the price point they want.

    Accuracy Is Serious Business!  For example:  If 20 homes recently sold, 2 or 3 likely sold below market (Due to foreclosures, estate sales or poor condition), 2 or 3 sold above market value (Special needs buyers, special financing or competing buyers) and the other 14-16 are very likely realistically comparable to yours - and still may vary by thousands of dollars.

    What Will You Be Shown?  If your agent is competing with another agent to “get your listing”, he/she may  “paint a rosy picture” by using the top 3 or 4 homes - “skewing value upward”.  If expecting no competing Realtors, he/she might use the bottom 3 or 4 homes - “skewing value downward” to get you to price as low as possible - to help the “price” sell the home.

    What Happens Next?  When using this “Price Method”, the sales process often goes like this:  The home, even if priced at the very low end, may sit with little interest and no offers.  Then the agent has been taught to press you to reduce the price, as “the market has spoken”.  You may reduce the price, yet once again, it may sit for some time with little or no activity - and no offers.  

    More Of The Same?  Like clockwork, your agent’s broker will press your agent to get you to reduce the price - again & again - until at some point, the price is seen to be a real bargain and will likely sell.  That’s the way it usually works because that’s what all agents have been taught.  This “Price Method” often doesn’t get you the best price for your home; however, it does eventually get it sold; you get to “move-on” and your agent earns a commission.

    How About Those Promises?  Chances are this is not what you are expecting or were promised and you are disappointed, frustrated and (now knowing there is another way) you maybe even be, as my Dad often said, “Mad As a Wet Hen”!

                            The OTHER Way To Sell A House!

                    (Usually quicker, with more money for you!)

    Finding The Right Price Range!  I’ll determine the proper price range in which your home should sell with just the facts presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format.  My Market Analysis consists of three numbers; an adjusted Fair Market Valuation from the Assessor’s Office, the average of the recently sold similar homes and an average of the similar homes now on the market.  I compute the average of these three numbers and then add 6% to get the top of the range - and subtract 6% to get the bottom of the range.

    Marketing Magic & Hard Work!  I’ll show you my innovative and effective 21 Point Maximum Exposure Marketing Plan.  It includes all the marketing and promotional assistance provided by Coldwell Banker, plus a few tricks I have discovered and/or developed to increase buyer activity and help create demand for your home.   Although relatively new in our area, this marketing plan, throughout the U.S., has led to about 40% quicker sales, a higher average sale price and a 2% higher average net to the seller.

    The Future Is Now!  Please don’t delay with plans to  “think about it later.”  Even if you are not quite ready to put your home on the market, every minute you delay may cost you time and money.  End all the interruptions and pressure now!  Simply pick up your phone, and call me at (518) 222-6368 so we can discuss the two ways to sell and decide which will work best for you.


                                                 William “Bill” Lavery

                               Licensed NYS Associate Real Estate Broker

                                       Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

                                               Mobile:  (518) 222-6368


I do not intend to solicit owners whose homes are currently listed for sale.   

                Please disregard if your home is currently on the market.


William L. Lavery

William L. Lavery

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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