Back From Vacation!

Dee and I, and our son, Joseph, spent the past two weeks in Sunny Florida!  It was a relaxing vacation which consisted mostly of sunbathing, swimming, reading, watching TV and, of course, eating out.  We celebrated my birthday on April 15th, enjoying a big meal at Charly's Steakhouse in Kissimmee.  This was upscale, where they bring samples of all the different cuts of beef to the table and describe each one.  The meal was wonderful - and expensive.  My 12 oz Filet Mignon was $49.00, Dee's Porterhouse was $51.00 and Joe's Wagu - an extremely tender steak only from beef cattle with a Japanese bloodline - was $75.00.  Add a couple side dishes, salads and a couple drinks and the total was over $300.  A meal to remember!  Especially since they paid for it - and we had plenty of take-home for next day meals!

Alas, the vacation is over and time to get back to work!  There's always next year!

William L. Lavery

William L. Lavery

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