Sunny and 85 Degrees


We are on vacation in Florida!  Left Albany while it was snowing - they even had to de-ice the wings before we could take off!  We landed about 3:30, picked up our luggage,, and our 2017 Camry rental car and headed for the resort in Kissimmee.  Traffic was heavy and took about 50 minutes to arrive.  Checked into our 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit at the Festiva Orlando Resort.  We almost immediately change clothes and headed for the pool.  After 25-30 minutes we again changed clothes, went out to pick up groceries.  Returned, put them away and headed for the airport.

Our son, Joe, booked his flight on another airline ( 2 hours later than ours) and then was delayed another 5 hours, arriving about 10 PM.  We picked him up, headed to the resort, had some pizza and called it a night.  By the way, this resort is one of the many available to my buyer clients for a Free 7 Night Vacation Stay when they purchase a home with me as their agent.  If you are interested, call me for all the details.

The Weather!

Finally, we're where it's between 80 and 90 degrees most of the time.  We love it!  Since Dee is going to start working part-time shortly, next year we may well take an extended Winter Vacation for a month or two!

Don't Hesitate!

If you have any real estate questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at:  518-222-6368.  There are many things I can do from Florida and if you need any immediate physical activity accomplished, such as a showing or inspection, my very good friend and agent extraordinaire, Dennis Brower is covering for me.  Please call me first and I'll get him involved if necessary.  I guess we'll have to bring back a nice gift for him - especially if he sells to or for any of my clients!

All the best,  Bill

William L. Lavery

William L. Lavery

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