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Our real estate agents know how to market your home to as many potential buyers as possible. And even in the midst of social distancing, there's still plenty you can do to catch their attention. Virtual tours and online open houses offer an opportunity to really stand out from the competition and get noticed by buyers.

  • Declutter. It's always the first step to get your home ready for buyers, but it's even more important for a virtual tour. A virtual tour is a more accurate view of your home than a photo. It offers buyers a 360-degree view of the inside of your home as if they were standing in it, so there's no hiding the clutter.

  • Do some extra cleaning. The unfortunate truth is the camera often uncovers dirt and dust we would normally overlook. And you can't just touch up the photo either. So it pays to be extremely diligent.

  • Make sure the items you use every day are out of sight. Bottles of shampoo and soap, makeup, styling tools, cleaning supplies, and electronics cords and chargers are all good examples. They will make your house look cluttered and too personal. Buyers don't want a deep dive into your daily routine. They want to think about how their own lives, belongings, and routines would work in this new house.

  • Clean windows and turn on the lights. Sparkling windows will let in more natural light, which always makes your home look better. Make sure light fixtures are all working and have the highest wattage bulbs they can accommodate. It helps prevent dim spots and odd shadows. No one wants to see a home in person that looks dark and dreary.

  • Concentrate on curb appeal. Buyers will want to see the outside of your home as well so act as if this is an in-person tour instead of a virtual one. Make sure the yard is tidied up and mowed, the kids' and pets' toys are put away, and tools are put away too. Park cars out of sight and relocate the garbage cans if necessary. If you have a porch or patio, stage the area for the best impression. If a buyer does decide to see the house in person, it will seem more familiar and inviting.

  • Make sure pets are out of the way. Pets are cute, but they aren't going to sell your house. And they're really good at showing up where and when you don't want them to. Make arrangements to have them watched ahead of time so your virtual home tour can be completed as easily as possible.

  • Take a few preliminary photos of your own. Not sure how your home might appear on camera? Take out your phone and snap a few pictures from the best vantage points. Do you notice anything that's extremely cluttered or obstructs the view of the room? Is there anything that looks particularly dirty, out of place, or distracting? If there is, fix it before your virtual tour.

With many buyers starting their searches online, having a virtual tour of your home can be a very effective marketing tool. It's a more accurate representation of the property. So buyers that do come in person are likely to be more motivated to make an offer. You'll also have to accommodate fewer showings for buyers that just aren't a good fit.

When it's time to sell your Central New York home, Coldwell Banker Prime Properties has the tools you need to get your home noticed by buyers. Contact us today to get started.

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