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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 20 percent of people were working from home. This figure has increased to a whopping 71 percent of people who report that they work from home at least some of the time. With so many people working from home, it's important to have a productive workspace.

If you don't have dedicated office space, you can transform your closet into one. Our real estate agents know that a home with an office space also appeals to potential home buyers. Check out these tips to turn your closet into a cozy home office.

  1. Add Color and Style to Your Space
    Make sure that your closet office is a space where you want to work. The decor should inspire you and motivate you throughout your workday.

    Consider adding a coat of paint in a tranquil color (like light gray or a soft blue), or even bold wallpaper. This will help define the space from the rest of the room. Add a couple of framed photos or prints to personalize your office's look.
  1. Integrate Pieces for Organization
    You'll need functional storage space in your closet office to keep your work area organized. Floating shelves are an excellent alternative that come in an assortment of styles and sizes. They work well for holding binders, books, or manuals, or you can add small bins to house and separate small items.

    If there's room under your desk, add a set of drawers to hold paperwork, office supplies, and electronic accessories. Opt for drawers in a bright color to liven up your workspace. 
  1. Check the Measurements for Your Furniture
    Before you add furniture to your closet, check the measurements to confirm that it will comfortably fit. This is especially important if you want to be able to close your office off when it's not in use. When you add your house to the list of Albany homes for sale, the versatility will attract buyers to the space.

    If you don't see a desk that you love, consider mounting plywood to the wall to create a floating desk. You can then paint or stain the desk your preferred color. 
  1. Lighten Up the Space
    One potential drawback to using a closet for your office space is that there's usually minimal natural lighting in a closet. You can counteract this lack of lighting by adding multiple layers of light to the closet. Start with a bright overhead light that illuminates the whole closet.

    Then, add a task lamp to your desk. Look for an adjustable version that you can reposition as you switch through various tasks during your workday. If space permits, you should also add a floor lamp to add additional lighting to your desk area. 

Interested in a home that has more space for your home office? Contact us today to start your search!

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